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What causes me to remember

There are certain things in life that I take for granted, and don’t pay much attention to at that. There are certain things that I see everyday, and they look a certain way during the day. But have you ever noticed how fantastic and magical everything looks at night? For example, I drive every day. Every DAY. Not every night. In the winter, I drive at night more often, because night falls earlier in the winter. Even less often do I find myself driving at rush hour in the winter. And even less often, at rush hour, during the holidays, in the winter. This situation just got extremely specific, but I definitely found myself in this predicament today. I was driving home, in holiday traffic, at rush hour (around 5:45, when the roads are the worst). It took a while, but I was perfectly content, singing Taylor Swift songs and enjoying the scenery. THE SCENERY. Got a little sidetracked there, but the scenery I saw around me on my way home was what I was going to talk about. It was so beautiful! I never knew city roads could be so gorgeous. I never knew rush hour could be so beautiful. I never knew a traffic jam could be so pretty. And I certainly never noticed how festive the red and green traffic lights could be at this time of year! So as I was looking ahead at the seemingly endless string of lights up ahead, another thought came to mind.

I want it to snow.  A lot. 60 degrees this weekend? Great. If it was spring. But it’s winter. And honestly, I want it to be winter! I love snow skiing. It has always been a hobby of mine. I didn’t get to go at all last year due to the weather (that happens to be repeating this year, sadly). I used to take a ski trip with my family to Michigan every Christmas, and we’d stay for New Years. The resort we went to had a neat little New Year’s tradition. All the ski instructors and some nominees/volunteers would go up the lift with torches, and ski down the main run in a zig zag line. Then, the instructors would form the number of the new year. Two years ago, my instructor invited me to ski with them. It was awesome. I will never forget it. But I also will never forget my first New Year’s Eve at that resort, just marveling at the beauty of all the lights coming down the hill.

Seeing the lights of the cars coming down the gradual slope in the road, as I looked up at them, brought this memory to the surface. Remembering my winters in Michigan put me in a relaxed, happy, wintery mood. I love how memory can work like that sometimes. 😀