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We don’t need a special day to love, but having one makes life all the better :)

Love_heart_uidaodjsdsewSetting aside a day like today is actually completely unnecessary, if you think about it. Why not make each other cards every day? Why not smile every second of EVERY day? Why not laugh until you cry whenever you can? (I clearly don’t have a problem with that at all) Why not eat Hershey’s kisses all the time, or chocolate in general for that matter?

So… why is today so special? Today is set aside for love, but every day should be set aside for love. Christmas is set aside for giving, but every day should be a day of giving. Easter is set aside for joy, but every day should be a day of joy. Thanksgiving is set aside to be a day of great thanks and appreciation, but shouldn’t every day be one of gratitude?… The only holiday I don’t understand is Halloween… because Halloween seems to be set aside for self-entertainment and greed… and every day should really be anything but that.

Anyway, we need these days, because in the midst of our bustling every day lives- our appointments, worries, events, meetings, To-do lists- we can’t possibly juggle the metaphysical too. A day each year to remind us of the things we should be thinking about- the attitudes that count and the qualities that are truly most important- is a day I’ll take. I don’t need today as an excuse to be loving and happy, but having today reminds me that life is a lot better than it seems 🙂