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How disheartening…

So I decided, after reading this awesome new blog I discovered, that I wanted to pick a day of the week where I would find an inspiration from the past week, and write about it. I picked Thursday, because this is the one day of the week on which I am required to do nothing after school except sit in my bed and read, write, chat, surf, and listen to music. (And maybe… study… but not until 11 pm at the earliest)

Anyway, I was in desperate need of inspiration. With a desire so strong to write, and nothing to write about, life was getting pretty painful. So I surfed the news and listened to music and reflected on life… when I came across this.

It’s disheartening, really, to hear about the pattern of violence that has been prolonged for such a time, and only continues. I realize that I especially don’t know much about the incident, considering the media doesn’t even have much to offer. However, the article still struck a thought or two inside of me. When I heard about the tragedy in Newtown, I had a feeling that, considering how much media coverage and conversation there has been of it, something fairly similar was bound to happen again sooner or later. Was I right, or was I right?

Apparently I was, and so when I saw this article, I was taken aback. I thought, “Honestly?? Already? Didn’t this just happen yesterday? Maybe next time I should… uh…be careful to avoid knocking on any wood whatsoever?” I don’t know… I mean, clearly, the effects of this shooting had more to do with the traumatic effects on the students, than any physical injury or death. It is hard, especially for those of us who can’t even fathom something like this happening to us, to think about how much an event like this can affect every single person in the town. I am sure many students feel angry, sad, depressed, worried, anxious, afraid, insecure, and uncomfortable, and now, all of these emotions continue, only a million times worse. I actually have a close friend who went through a traumatizing event like this a few years ago, when her teacher’s estranged husband attempted her murder in front of the class. My friend still cries about it to this day, and it is heartbreaking.

In a world of anger and sorrow, inequality and injustice, pain and heartbreak, suffering and loss, what are people to turn to? Is the answer really going to be violence? Is my generation going to settle for that? Or put an end to it? Are we going to raise our kids with the overused cliche: Violence is not the answer? Or are we going to ignore it in cowardice and pretend it isn’t real? It is real, and if you do look at the news regularly, a shooting story seems to linger on at least one news site every day. It’s awful. So I ask myself the question. Where does the problem begin?

What is most sad for me to face, is that the problem begins with human nature. And in this world, that is something we cannot change.