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My love for you

In a world of sorrows, pain, guilt, suffering, loneliness… I find my life flashing before my eyes, running past me at the speed of light. Getting lost in the routine, the excitement, the happiness of my own little world. Sometimes, it runs so fast that it grows tired of running… and that is when I find myself in darkness. I wander, and I wonder, what happened to my light? But all I have to do is look around me. And I find it. I find it in you. You are willing to share your sorrows, your pain. But you aren’t eager. You are only willing, if I ask. And even then, you listen to me first. And you help me through. Even if you don’t understand the situation, or you don’t even know the story, I only have to say what I’m feeling, and you somehow relate. I admire how you relate so easily, and sometimes I wonder how you do. And then I remember all the things you’ve been through, and I feel like I can relate to you too. Life is hard. But when you have a friend who has experienced the ups and downs of life in the same ways as you, life doesn’t seem so bad. You know that person will always understand and empathize with you. Even if we’re not that close, there is just something about you.

And then there’s your sense of humor. It’s fantastic. It’s always authentic and original. Something new everyday. Sometimes it’s what keeps me going.

The way you talk, share, listen, laugh, and love is wonderful. Keep it up, chanche. I love you 🙂