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The flip side to “You do you”

You do you, but sometimes, do more…

It’s good to be yourself. Let your emotions go as they please. Be obnoxious. Sing out loud. Be average. Fail a couple tests. Ace a couple more. Read your texts out loud as you type them. Shave every day, or once a week. Whatever you is you.

But if you’re like me, and your average is getting over the top. You fail more than a couple tests. And rarely ace but one. It’s time to study. You never shave, because it takes too long, and you’d rather just wear pants. Shave every now and then. It feels awesome. You’re sick of being in the band, it’s time to stand up on the scaffolding, and be a leader. Or in your case, maybe the chorus is getting old, and it’s time to try for something more. You’re done with crying all the time. Do something to make you happier.

Quite clearly, it isn’t about anyone else. You’re sick of being the “you” that you don’t want to be. So be the you that you do want to be. Discover yourself. Change something that you do. Break a habit or two. Visit a friend that needs company, or hang out with someone you don’t know that well. Practice a skill. Maybe conducting, maybe singing, maybe playing an instrument or running. Practice and practice until you’ve striven as far as you can go. Study a week in advance for that test. Study and study until you could sleep for 15 hours. Then try. Go for it. Get involved. Chase your dreams. Succeed.

Because this is you that we’re talking about. Forget the percentages. Forget the judgment. Forget what people think. You do you. But even better, you be the you that you want to be.


The hierarchy of social networking

There are soooo many social networking sites these days, like I can’t even name them all. They all serve a slightly different purpose, contrary to what you might think, considering they all have a lot of the same features as well. But really, they are different, and I will give it a go at remembering how ever many I can, and explain to you the purpose each serves, and consequently, rank them by importance.

1. Blogs. These are incredibly great. The most noteworthy, profound, hilarious, and credible thoughts are posted here. (especially on this blog…jk) Sometimes you might run into a dilemma, like when your thought is too complicated and large for Twitter, and seems to lengthy for Facebook, so it belongs on a blog.

2. Facebook. So you’ve completed your daily blog post, and you suddenly think of a really funny encounter you had, or a joke you want to tell, but it just isn’t quite developed enough to make into a blog post. Plus, you already posted today. So where do you turn? Facebook is just sitting there waiting for you, ready to ask you what’s on your mind.

3. Twitter. But what if your mind is running in circles? Your thoughts keep coming, and they just won’t go away! They are short, pointless, dumb, silly, whatever, and you can’t embarrass yourself in front of your family by sharing these awkward thoughts on Facebook. So now what? You tweet. It’s so convenient.

4. Email. Snapchat. Facebook messenger. Instagram. Texting. Whatever else you can do to contact people privately or control who sees a certain message. They are all convenient. I categorize them with equal importance, or lack thereof. Facebook messenger makes it easy to contact certain people while you happen to be checking in on your news feed. Email is the omniscient and omnipresent database for every message you might get from people. You can pretty much combine every email address and chat site into one email these days. Just go to your settings and tell your email what to import. Snapchat (I guess, I don’t have one) is that sort of weird, convenient social messenger with which you can communicate in pictures. I guess it’s kind of fun and different from other messenger apps. I would categorize Instagram as a twitter for pictures only. It’s a convenient way to share a picture you just took with all your friends, without cluttering the other sites you belong to with a bunch of pictures. That’s all I’ve got for instagram. Texting doesn’t really hold its own meaning anymore. I mean, you could consider all of these things in the category of “texting.” But I have an old phone, an ENV3 in fact, and I actually “text” on my phone, separately from all these other ways of communication. Unlike the iphone, where you get a message from anything and it magically appears as a notification on the home screen.

Feel free to comment anything I’m missing. You can obviously tell I do four main things on the internet. Blog, Facebook, Tweet, and check my email. And then when none of these seem to satisfy me, I text. Duh.

A perspective on stress

It was a stressful week. Like really stressful. Beyond belief. But until recently, I didn’t realize that what causes me stress has little to do with the amount of work and time that I have, but more to do with my anxiety of what is to come. How things will actually turn out. And how people will react. One day, I walked into Calculus after having waited all day to ask my teacher when I should make up the quiz I missed, and for some reason I expected a frustrated sigh and some reluctant answer. But instead, she was open and patient. She listened to me, and said I could take it whenever. This calmed me down. It took pretty much all of my stress away, and nothing that I had to do had gone away. I still had the same amount of time, and still had to take my test. Nothing had changed, except for the lingering fear in my mind that my teacher would not be very happy with me for missing the test. This brings me to my point. Kindness and patience are two qualities that, when we find them in others, can seemingly dissolve all the frustration and haste and worry we find in ourselves. If you aren’t stressed beyond belief at any given moment, be that kind and patient person for others who might need it. Believe me, you will make someone’s day.

if you must ask…

This being my first post and all, it will indeed appear very spontaneous and random. But, in fact, this is a topic that has been lingering in my mind for weeks now, and I would love to share it. It is finally December (well pretty much.. its November 28th), which entails a very nerve-racking season at Bishop Watterson High School. The month of December kicks off the season of Cotillion (our winter formal dance). The dance, however, isn’t until the middle of January. December is when the guys start thinking about the girls, and the girls start thinking about the guys, and the askings begin. Now, if you are like me, and have absolutely no one in mind, but speculate that there may be certain someones that have you in mind,  you begin to panic. I am currently in a state of panic, but its a relaxed panic. A panic in the back of my mind, that I tell myself to push aside. “Everything will be ok,” I tell myself subconsciously. But now that I have brought my repressed panic to the surface, I decided I would be somewhat okay with getting asked to the dance, but only if the boy takes the time to get to know me, and asks me in a meaningful way. And by meaningful, I mean something that only I understand, like an inside joke, or something I love, or if worst comes to worst and no boy ever takes the time to get to know me, it better be something extremely clever.

After much consideration on the subject, I have put together a top 5 ways I’d love to be asked to Cotillion. (or Prom, or senior Cotillion, or senior Prom, or on a date, or to be married…)

#1 Just ask me. Honestly, I just want to be asked in private, away from the hectic hallways and the chaotic cafeteria, just alone, you and me. I don’t want to feel the pressure of the people around me, people I may not even know, to just say yes because other people want me to. I want to be asked with patience. You ask, and I stand there quietly and decide. Maybe it will take three milliseconds for me to come up with an answer, if I feel that strongly about it, and maybe it could take three minutes. A girl needs her time, and being given time to truly answer you means a lot to me.

#2 This one is a little less conventional, more on the “inside joke” spectrum. I call this one The giraffe bouquet. This initially sounds really strange. I have a special love for giraffes, but I definitely do not want some guy to go whipping out a few giraffes tied together at the neck or something sick like that, but I want a bouquet of giraffe patterned flowers. I was shopping at the new Michael’s store at Graceland the other day, because I love Michael’s, and I am ecstatic that one of their locations is now only 2 miles from my school, where I practically live these days. Anyway, I was looking for flowers to fill a gift basket I was making for my aunts, and I came across a bouquet of giraffe printed flowers! The flowers of course, were fake, but hey, anything giraffe beats a real bouquet of roses, and I’ll take it! Image

#3 Going back to normalcy for a minute, I’d like to mention that I’d really love to be asked to Cotillion by a friend, as a friend, in which case we would simply go as friends. I kind of have this secret desire to have some sort of romantic date for at least one of my high school dances, but right now, I just want a friend to go with. It would be fun and memorable, but not threatened by stress or heartbreak or disaster. Everything would go right, because when you are with a friend who loves you, what could possibly go wrong?

#4 Number four is one for those boys who don’t have the energy or decency to get to know me before asking me to spend one of my most anticipated and possibly most memorable experiences of high school with them. This is simply a clever idea, maybe unoriginal, who knows, but I like. And this isn’t my idea either. I like food, and I especially like pizza, so ordering a pizza and having it delivered to my house with a note inside the box saying something clever like, “Will you go to the dance with me, or is this too cheesy?” It sounds like an excellent idea to me. And make sure it’s cheese only, please 🙂 It’ll be even more cheesy that way.


#5 Don’t even. Really, if your some random guy that thinks I’m attractive, but has never had the balls to move past the “Hey, how are you?” stage of talking, don’t even try. Please, being asked to a dance isn’t the most important thing in my life. (Even though I am obsessing over it right now, its really not a big deal.) I just think that it has the potential to be a great thing, and if you are a boy that has taken the time to be my friend, accept who I truly am, and love me unconditionally, then you have the potential to make this dance (or any other) one of my most memorable experiences in high school.