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My Year in Review: 2012

My 2012 was quite the rollercoaster of emotion and experience, indeed. When I look back on it, a lot of really important milestones happened for the people in my life. This past year seems to have been the beginning of the climax of my life, and it will last for the next few years. There are themes of brokenness and hurt, moving on to healing and love, and then an explosion of faith and happiness. And because of this pattern of emotion that my year held, it was one of the best years of my life. My life took a huge swing upwards, and it hasn’t let me down. I formed/went through so many new friendships and grew unbelievably close to people. And although this has happened to me before, I have never been so sure in my life that these friendships will never go away. I feel secure and happy, and I feel the love. It was a damn good year. So here are my favorite moments of 2012:

-For the second year in a row, broke up with my boyfriend right before Valentine’s Day. (It’s not as depressing as you think, in fact, it makes me laugh, and I enjoy thinking about what might happen this year… it’ll be a story to tell the grand kids)

-In May/June, my sister and brother both graduated from a big part of their lives. My sister moved on to high school, my brother to college. It was an exciting month!

-That month my sister was also Confirmed and asked me to be her sponsor, one of the most faith strengthening challenges I’ve taken.

-I got my driver’s license, and I don’t even need to tell you how that has changed my life (fortunately, it has been for the better so far)

-Over the summer, I lived life to its true capacity (for at least a week), venturing out to CYSC for the first time and growing extremely deep in my faith.

-I dove straight into a volunteer camp that treated me with disrespect, giving so much time and receiving no gratitude, but becoming stronger. I don’t regret it. I learned who I was and how capable I was of standing up for myself and what I deserve, and I learned how to get out of situations that only bring me hurt and pain.

-I took an amazing vacation to New England with my family, somewhere I had never been before, and it was a blast!

-My parents had their 26th anniversary. I am so happy for them 😀

-I went to an amazing driving clinic, an unforgettable experience I have written about before and one of the highlights of my year.

-I went into marching band with a leadership role I didn’t know if I could handle. But by the end of the season, I took my leadership capabilities and passion for my band family to a whole new level, and really put my heart into it. I am so glad I was able to do this, because I feel that I truly became and inspiration to others in everything I did.

-Some of my cousins from Texas visited, and I haven’t seen them since I was probably 6 years old.

-By the end of August, one of the moments I had been waiting for for two years finally arrived. My sister’s first day of high school, when we could finally go to school together again!

– I was given the great opportunity to hear Chris Stefanick speak, and I loved it!

-Took an amazing mission trip to Kentucky that filled me with love and hope and gave me a new perspective on life.

-Made unbelievable friendships and have been blessed to keep old friends in my life.

-For the third year in a row, crying (in some way) on New Year’s Eve, and whether they were tears of joy or sorrow, I can’t imagine what that night would mean without emotion.

2012 was a year of building and maintaining loving relationships, becoming a part of new families, healing and growing closely devoted to Mary and the Holy Spirit, venturing into new opportunities and discoveries, and pushing myself past my limits and learning so much about myself. What a great year!


‘Tis the Season!

This Christmas was a good one. Even though it’s not quite over, it’s been really great so far! I didn’t feel the desire or need to form a list of things for others to get me, but rather went venturing out on Black Friday for the first time in my life to shop for my dearest friends and family. If I failed to get you a present, I am terribly sorry. It’s nothing personal whatsoever. It most likely signifies that I ran out of money before I got to you on the list.

But anyway, my point is, I wanted this Christmas to be completely about giving. I wanted my excitement to be founded in the generosity and love I would share with others, rather than an excitement in waiting to receive gifts for myself. So everything I got this Christmas was a total surprise. And I had a much better feeling afterwards. Every gift I received had more meaning, because each was something the person picked out for me, having to put thought into whether I would like it and what it would mean to me. They had no choice, considering they didn’t have a list they could mindlessly buy from.

Now, I’m sounding quite selfish right now. I realize that I’ve been talking about myself and how people had to shop for me, but I enjoy reflecting on how much more meaning this Christmas held because of that. I love every single thing I got from my family and friends because everything was a surprise and a gift of love. It was perfect, and I walked away happy. I came into it without expectation, and walked out with joy. This is a lesson I’ve learned many times and it’s one of my favorite pieces of wisdom. The expectations we form in our minds usually determine the outcome, so why expect anything?

Now I want to share with you a couple of my favorite gifts that I received today.

1. Tickets to the Trans-Siberian orchestra in concert on the 30th. My grandpa bought them for my family, and I am overjoyed. As I was handed the envelope, one of their songs, Christmas Sarajevo,  came on the radio. I made a comment to my family, “Guys! We should have gone to their concert!” And then I opened the envelope, and pulled the tickets out. It was a mini-miracle.

2. My grandma made me a crocheted rosary when I was born, and I’ve kept it ever since. I love it very much, and asked her if she could teach me how to make them. She is going to teach me, and she even made me a couple more. This is a really great gift to me. It was also a nice gift of quality time together when she taught me how to make them tonight.

Cute little giraffe shipped to me from Africa 🙂

3. I got Hillsong’s album Cornerstone, the Deluxe version, which includes the full concert on DVD. I definitely wanted this. I listened to it on the way to my grandma’s today. I love it! Next best gift would be tickets to their concert. And I got a gift card to iTunes so that I can get Chris Tomlin’s album that comes out on January 8th!

4. I got a really cool giraffe shirt and giraffe nail polish. My sister even put this little giraffe key-chain in a little crate to make it look like it was shipped from Africa. Cutest thing ever. I love giraffes.20121225-171242.jpg

5. My brother’s girlfriend, God bless her soul, drew me a lovely picture of Rapunzel and her chameleon Pascal from Tangled, and I aspire to be Rapunzel and have my own chameleon someday. I love that movie. It’s by far my favorite. She also gave me this little Japanese cat figure that is believed to fulfill your wishes and dreams. I thought that was really neat because I love dreaming. She’s a sweetheart.

5. My mommy bought me a subscription to a seasonal magazine called Radiant. It’s a nice encouraging magazine for young women and includes modest fashion ideas and interviews about common experiences with love and life struggles. I love it already!

I’d also like to give a special shout-out to my new cabin socks. I got these stockings in my stocking. Pretty cool.

6. Finally, I got an iPhone. Crazy, right? There’s no way. But it was a promotional item that came with my brother’s, and I am thankful for it. My old phone is getting on my nerves, and its a really nice gift. Completely unexpected. But awesome. My mom also picked out a custom case that’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to put the case on my phone and call it my own! I rhymed 🙂

I think the best gift of all that I have this Christmas is the ability to love my friends and family and to receive their unconditional love for me. I am also incredibly thankful for my strong faith and gifts and talents. All of this is truly a blessing in my life and I plan on doing great things with it.

The hierarchy of social networking

There are soooo many social networking sites these days, like I can’t even name them all. They all serve a slightly different purpose, contrary to what you might think, considering they all have a lot of the same features as well. But really, they are different, and I will give it a go at remembering how ever many I can, and explain to you the purpose each serves, and consequently, rank them by importance.

1. Blogs. These are incredibly great. The most noteworthy, profound, hilarious, and credible thoughts are posted here. (especially on this blog…jk) Sometimes you might run into a dilemma, like when your thought is too complicated and large for Twitter, and seems to lengthy for Facebook, so it belongs on a blog.

2. Facebook. So you’ve completed your daily blog post, and you suddenly think of a really funny encounter you had, or a joke you want to tell, but it just isn’t quite developed enough to make into a blog post. Plus, you already posted today. So where do you turn? Facebook is just sitting there waiting for you, ready to ask you what’s on your mind.

3. Twitter. But what if your mind is running in circles? Your thoughts keep coming, and they just won’t go away! They are short, pointless, dumb, silly, whatever, and you can’t embarrass yourself in front of your family by sharing these awkward thoughts on Facebook. So now what? You tweet. It’s so convenient.

4. Email. Snapchat. Facebook messenger. Instagram. Texting. Whatever else you can do to contact people privately or control who sees a certain message. They are all convenient. I categorize them with equal importance, or lack thereof. Facebook messenger makes it easy to contact certain people while you happen to be checking in on your news feed. Email is the omniscient and omnipresent database for every message you might get from people. You can pretty much combine every email address and chat site into one email these days. Just go to your settings and tell your email what to import. Snapchat (I guess, I don’t have one) is that sort of weird, convenient social messenger with which you can communicate in pictures. I guess it’s kind of fun and different from other messenger apps. I would categorize Instagram as a twitter for pictures only. It’s a convenient way to share a picture you just took with all your friends, without cluttering the other sites you belong to with a bunch of pictures. That’s all I’ve got for instagram. Texting doesn’t really hold its own meaning anymore. I mean, you could consider all of these things in the category of “texting.” But I have an old phone, an ENV3 in fact, and I actually “text” on my phone, separately from all these other ways of communication. Unlike the iphone, where you get a message from anything and it magically appears as a notification on the home screen.

Feel free to comment anything I’m missing. You can obviously tell I do four main things on the internet. Blog, Facebook, Tweet, and check my email. And then when none of these seem to satisfy me, I text. Duh.

An excerpt of Easy A

Another great movie, like really great. I find myself quoting this movie throughout my daily life. It comes way too naturally. So here are my favorites:

Mr. Griffith: I don’t know what your generation’s fascination is with documenting your every thought… but I can assure you, they’re not all diamonds. “Roman is having an OK day, and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station. Raise the roof.” Who gives a rat’s ass? (this cracks me up and is now my favorite expression)
Olive Penderghast: He got a Coke Zero AGAIN. Ah, that Roman. Incorrigible.

Mrs. Griffith:  He’s not the sharpest Christian in the bible. (this comes in handy as a really nice analogy in times of need, like when you are trying to call someone stupid, but feel the need to say it in a somewhat holy way… so you allude to the Bible, and then everything feels better)

After we watch “The Bucket List,” remember to cross “watch ‘The Bucket List'” off our bucket list. (this quote is so profound)

Oh, happy day, Mama! (Olive says this when her gay friend comes over, and her mom gets excited that there is a boy there to see her. I enjoy saying this to my mother whenever I have the chance)

Let me just begin by saying that there are two sides to every story. This is my side, the right one. (this is a really nice conversation starter, for those nights at the dinner table when you have to tell your parents you got called to the principle’s office that day, or a bad grade shows up in one of your classes)

Ironically, we were studying “The Scarlet Letter”, but isn’t that always the way? The books you read in class always seems to have a strong connection with whatever angsty adolescent drama is being recounted. I consider this. Except for “Huckleberry Finn”, ’cause I don’t know any teenage boys who have ever run away with a big, hulking black guy. 

(Like, honestly, when I was typing this, I forgot it was a quote, because I literally read those two books just recently in English class, and I felt so enlightened to the truths of this movie… it was a great feeling. Almost as great as the feeling I got when I learned the circumstances of when the limit does not exist in calculus… and was enlightened to the truths of Mean Girls, yet another highly quotable movie)
Chip: I’m adopted!
Dill: What! Oh my god! Who told you? Guys we were going to do this at the right time!

(I can’t say I’ve ever actually quoted this in my life, but it was definitely the line I laughed the most at when I first saw the movie in theaters. And I really couldn’t stop. This one really hit me)

Olive (to Mary Jane): Sharpenin’ your pencils? Sharpenin’ ’em up? Gettin’ em all nice and sharp? Oh, real sharp. Sharp! Sharp! Sharp!  

(I actually said this. Out loud. In class. Well, before class started. I sat right by the pencil sharpener, so as my friend went up to sharpen his pencil, I was overjoyed at being given the opportunity to quote Easy A! And it was just as epic as I dreamed it would be 🙂


And a special tribute to:

  • The clementine that rolls out of Olive’s purse as she runs out of the Church to get away from the terrible encounter with Mary Jane’s father (sometimes I carry a clementine in my purse. Maybe one day it will roll out down the hallway, or the sidewalk. Clearly, you can tell I aspire to be Olive Penderghast, although not in certain aspects)
  • The quote I do not fully recall, but includes the drawn out Meeeelanie Bostick! as she talks into Melanie Bostick’s ear. So funny.
  • The woodchuck mascot’s wonderful gnawing of the wood before the basketball game. Sounding something along the lines of: AW YAW YAW YAW YAW. Never gets old.
  • When Olive sits in a confessional booth, and actually makes a legitimate confession, only to realize she is in it alone, and there was never a priest listening. I can’t wait for the day this happens to me. Then I will relate to this movie like no other.


My all time favorite animated shorts



MITOSIS SQUARE DANCE (it never gets old)


THE LETTER T: YET ANOTHER SESAME STREET SHORT (more modern, yet just as great, and quite hilarious)

GERI’S GAME: A PIXAR ANIMATION (This is the first one I ever saw, and it was at the beginning of A Bug’s Life, one of my favorite childhood movies)

The Best of Tangled

These are some of my all time favorite Tangled quotes (but they do much better with the wonderful facial expressions of the characters that say them, so if you haven’t had the chance to see this movie yet, hopefully this post will inspire you to watch it)

Somebody get me a glass. ‘Cause I just found me a nice drink of water!
-Drunkard from Tangled

So.. you’re being strangely cryptic as you wrap your magic hair around my hand.
-Flynn Rider/Eugene

Its just a Hop, skip, and a boat ride away!

I’ll brush and brush and brush my hair!

Wow I could get used to a view like this! Hold on… Yep… I’m used to it. Guys I want a castle.

I’ve got a person in my closet! I have… A person… In… My closet! I’VE GOT A PERSON IN MY CLOSET!

Is this… Hair??

Struggling…struggling is pointless! I know why you’re here, and I’m not afraid of you!

Ehem! I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you, but may I just say…. HI.
-Flynn Rider/Eugene

The only thing I want to do with your hair is to get out of it! Literally!
-Flynn Rider/Eugene

I’ve made the decision to trust you!
A horrible decision really…

Break her heart? In half
Crush her soul? Like a grape!
-Two random characters I forget

The art of optimism


Life’s a bitch and then you die.
Nas (Nasir Jones)

Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.
Woody Allen

Life is just one damned thing after another.
Elbert Hubbard

(Feeling discouraged yet?)

Things I tend to complain about:

(And if you haven’t actually heard me complain about these things, its because I usually complain to myself)

  • How much time I waste at school
  • How counterproductive I am at school
  • How painful it is to sit in the hard plastic chairs for 7 hours straight at school
  • How little time I have to do everything I want and need to do
  • How little I eat every day
  • How little sleep I get every day
  • How annoying it is that I get so emotional over things
  • How my friends exaggerate and tell people personal things I trusted them with
  • I don’t have any money
  • The fact that it never snows anymore
  • The fact that I have a carpool to haul around
  • How rude the people in my carpool can be
  • The fact that the person I want to go to Cotillion with would never go with me
  • How people tell me I’m wrong when they are WRONGER (wronger is now a word)
  • How some people can be such hypocrites
  • How annoying and angry my parents can be
  • How my parents tell me my opinions and feelings are wrong
  • How my parents turn every conversation into a lesson on how to be a better person


Optimism is tricky. To successfully be optimistic, I have to magically turn all of my complaints into:

Things I have to be thankful for:

  • The fact that I go to a wonderful school and am taught wonderful values and skills and am surrounded by wonderful people
  • In the long run, I am very productive. In fact, with the amount of things I do with my life, my counter-productivity is very productive.
  • I have a chair to sit in all day. Because standing would be harder.
  • How many things I am able to do in my life, and with my time
  • I am able to eat every day.
  • I usually get a sufficient amount of sleep. And I have a bed, a pillow, and plenty of blankets.
  • I am able to express my emotion, and I’m not afraid of it. At least I feel. It’s good to feel.
  • I have friends to trust.
  • I have friends who will listen.
  • I have friends who care.
  • My parents provide me with everything I need, because I can’t provide for myself yet.
  • When it doesn’t snow, its warm, and I don’t have to scrape the ice off the windshield in the mornings.
  • It snows farther north from here.
  • I am fortunate enough to have a car, and I am helping a friend out by taking him to school when he can’t afford a car.
  • The people in my carpool are my friends and they love me.
  • At least someone asked me to Cotillion. And the person I want to go with loves me anyway.
  • The person who tells me I’m wrong helps me improve myself, and I have the opportunity to help them, too.
  • I have no optimistic view on hypocrites, except maybe for the reassuring fact that I am a hypocrite too, so I have no reason to complain.
  • I have parents.
  • They love me.
  • They care how I feel.
  • They want me to be the best I can be.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.
Mother Teresa

*Special Note: It took me longer to come up with my pessimistic complaints than it did for me to realize all the great things I am given. Does this mean I’m a generally optimistic person? I think yes! (But I have my days)

Now it’s your turn. Try it. Are you optimistic?

Lame Confessions (to be continued)

I do a lot of strange things. Not really strange so much as just unique, or maybe not even unique, because I’m sure plenty of people do these things, but I guess I would describe these things as idiosyncrasies of mine that most people don’t really notice, or don’t know about me at all. And its these kinds of confessions that truly show who we are.

1. When I have an emotionally or mentally stimulating-enough day, I like to have quiet time. Like really, I just need 20 minutes to myself, before I feel ready to tackle the next period of constant noise and interaction. You may think this is normal, and everyone needs it, duh. Well, you’re right. But I don’t allow myself this kind of time anymore. I try to pack each minute of my day with some activity or work, because I don’t do well with a lot of free time. A time does come, though, where I really do need to sit by myself quietly. So let it be. (and if you bother me during these moments, I will bite your head off…not really)

2. Now that you have judged me as a vicious, violent, hostile-towards-social-interaction kind of person, you may feel inclined to exit my blog, for fear of what I’ll say next… Don’t. Really, I promise I’ll be nice now. Anyway, my second confession is that I don’t sing in the shower. Rather, I sing in the car. This is beyond normal, but I don’t just sing. When I get a drive all to myself (and I mean no one but myself in my car.. I look forward to these drives) I SING LOUD. At the top of my lungs. I put so much emotion into it, sometimes I blare the music so loud it seems the whole world can hear it. Why do I do this? It’s an outlet. It relieves stress, anger, sadness, frustration. Try it. It’s awesome.

3. I don’t read a lot of books. But when I do, they are either books from school (which happen to be good most of the time, and I am usually glad I had to read them) or autobiographies and writings by certain religious figures. Yes, this second category is extremely specific, but that’s really all I read. I’m reading The Private Writings of Mother Teresa… she’s amazing. Check her out sometime. Also, I personally think that some of St. Louis Marie de Montfort and Blessed John Paul II and St. Thomas Aquinas (of course) are amazing. I love philosophers and psychologists, and people in general, who are willing to share their story. They have such interesting insight and discover inner truths of the human self.

I can’t think of anything else right now. To be continued in Lame Confessions Part 2.

Over the years…

Thursday night is just one of those days. I have absolutely nothing going on and I just don’t want to do anything. On days like these, I am anything but productive, and on this day in particular, I just feel like writing. I turned on ABC Family to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, and this made me think of things that I have recently been obsessed with. When I have an obsession, it isn’t overbearing. I just find that there have been a few recurring themes over certain periods of time in my life, and that is my definition of an obsession. So here is a list of things that I have been seriously interested in, or have had a great love for throughout my life.

My crayon tower consisting of 150 crayons=awesomeness

Eagles. The animal, not any sports team you may be thinking of. Ever since I was little, I have always loved eagles. Little did I know I would be attending a school at which the mascot is an eagle, and I can’t say I wasn’t thrilled when I found out. I’ll also confess that I have a massive eagle collection in my room, consisting of anything from a stuffed animal to an eagle-headed walking stick.

Crayons. When I was in sixth and seventh grade, I was obsessed with crayons. I wanted every type of crayon to be in my possession. I also had things like crayon erasers and crayon bubbles. (How can you even have crayon bubbles? I don’t know, but I had them.) Truthfully, I still consider crayons to be the best writing utensil ever made. They smell really good, and have a nice texture to them. They never run out of ink, and if they get dull, you can sharpen them these days. If they break, tough luck, you use the biggest half. Not to mention they come in just about every color you can think of, and then some.

Sesame Street.

In seventh grade, I decided that I wanted to be a little kid again. My childhood pretty much revolved around Sesame Street, so I regressed and clung onto that idea for awhile. I even had a Sesame Street birthday party. I deemed Oscar the grouch as my favorite character, and decided I hated the new pink fairy girl. Anyway, I was really into it. I asked for this really awesome book for Christmas that year called “Unpaved” and it included secrets and facts about each of the popular episodes throughout Sesame Street history. I was at the library the other day, and ran across a complete history of Sesame Street, so I checked it out. I will never get around to reading it, but it reminded me of the significant role Sesame Street has played for me, as not only a childhood memory, but a memory to last my whole life.


She sells sea shells by the sea shore. She really does, I’ve been there.

I used to venture out to the beach in the spring with my family, and we’d shell hunt like crazy. I have tons of really cool ones, and they are all so different and interesting. I still love my shells.

Makeup and Nail Polish. Okay, not many girls skip the period of life where they think makeup is all that matters. I was there once, and it was around the end of my eighth grade year. I took it so far as to read about ways to apply it and experiment with colors that I wouldn’t dream of putting on my face to this day. I actually had days when all I wanted to do was sit down and do my makeup and hair and nails, because that’s what I call a good time. I had a best friend who loved doing her nails, and we’d paint the coolest designs on our nails. I kind of miss those days.

Gimp. I went through a huge phase in eighth grade where all of my free time was spent making gimp key chains. I made some pretty cool ones and those of you that know me have definitely seen them on my bags and stuff. I was overjoyed when I was able to teach a bunch of kids how to make them at a camp over the summer. My skills were finally put to good use.

My gimp looks way cooler than this, no worries.

Tim Burton. I have always had this admiration and love for anything written or directed or produced by Tim Burton. He’s so well known, yet never seems to show his face, unlike most other popular figures whose faces seem to show up on the cover of every magazine. This may be for a reason though. He doesn’t go out much, and it shows. Anyway, I love this man. I especially love all the creativity and talent and hard work he put into The Nightmare Before Christmas, my favorite movie of all times. Dark Shadows was a good one too, along with everything else he’s ever done.

Mr. Tim Burton himself. Not his most attractive photo, but none of them really are… like I said, he doesn’t get out much.

Halloween. I love Halloween, and have deemed it my favorite holiday. I look forward to it every year, and actually set aside time to celebrate it. I love love LOVE carving pumpkins, digging out the guts and squishing them in my hands, baking the pumpkin seeds, and snacking on them while partaking in my traditional watching of the nightmare before Christmas (yes, there is a theme here). I also love candy. And I love scary things.

Nothing is better than dissecting a pumpkin on Halloween.

Nonfiction. Ever since fifth grade, when I was required to read 20 books of different genres. I read so much fantasy that year, and I decided I was done. I have been completely unable to read a fiction book since then, except for school, which is sad. The only type of reading I do these days is informational, or memoirs and I’m okay with that. Now, I get really fired up when someone starts talking about all the reading they do, and all these great adventures the characters took. Sorry, but I just don’t have the motivation to dive into some fantasy that doesn’t even exist, when I have my own life and the lives of people I care about to keep track of.

Music. I have a great appreciation for music and always will. I love singing, playing instruments, listening to singers and instruments, writing music, conducting it, whatever you can think of. Get involved in music. It’s the universal language.

Our Beautiful Lady.

Devotion to Mary, mother of God. She is an awesome role model. She is perfect. Loving. Devoted. Hard working. Compassionate. Strong. I could go on and on. All of the prayers written to her are beautiful and so meaningful. If you don’t know much about her, you should look into it.

Such wondrous creatures.

Giraffes. I love giraffes, one of my most recent obsessions. They are so unique and mysterious. Their pattern, and shape, and everything about them. They just look like a peaceful species. (Please don’t comment some absurd fact about how vicious these creatures actually are in the wild. If they have a wild side, don’t tell me. I want to maintain my peaceful image.)

MARSUPIALS. This is it, my final obsession. Kangaroos, koalas, wombats. I love marsupials! Partially because I love the letter K, and kangaroo and koala both start with K, but mostly because marsupials have pouches, which is different from any other kind of animal, and I find this really cool.

if you must ask…

This being my first post and all, it will indeed appear very spontaneous and random. But, in fact, this is a topic that has been lingering in my mind for weeks now, and I would love to share it. It is finally December (well pretty much.. its November 28th), which entails a very nerve-racking season at Bishop Watterson High School. The month of December kicks off the season of Cotillion (our winter formal dance). The dance, however, isn’t until the middle of January. December is when the guys start thinking about the girls, and the girls start thinking about the guys, and the askings begin. Now, if you are like me, and have absolutely no one in mind, but speculate that there may be certain someones that have you in mind,  you begin to panic. I am currently in a state of panic, but its a relaxed panic. A panic in the back of my mind, that I tell myself to push aside. “Everything will be ok,” I tell myself subconsciously. But now that I have brought my repressed panic to the surface, I decided I would be somewhat okay with getting asked to the dance, but only if the boy takes the time to get to know me, and asks me in a meaningful way. And by meaningful, I mean something that only I understand, like an inside joke, or something I love, or if worst comes to worst and no boy ever takes the time to get to know me, it better be something extremely clever.

After much consideration on the subject, I have put together a top 5 ways I’d love to be asked to Cotillion. (or Prom, or senior Cotillion, or senior Prom, or on a date, or to be married…)

#1 Just ask me. Honestly, I just want to be asked in private, away from the hectic hallways and the chaotic cafeteria, just alone, you and me. I don’t want to feel the pressure of the people around me, people I may not even know, to just say yes because other people want me to. I want to be asked with patience. You ask, and I stand there quietly and decide. Maybe it will take three milliseconds for me to come up with an answer, if I feel that strongly about it, and maybe it could take three minutes. A girl needs her time, and being given time to truly answer you means a lot to me.

#2 This one is a little less conventional, more on the “inside joke” spectrum. I call this one The giraffe bouquet. This initially sounds really strange. I have a special love for giraffes, but I definitely do not want some guy to go whipping out a few giraffes tied together at the neck or something sick like that, but I want a bouquet of giraffe patterned flowers. I was shopping at the new Michael’s store at Graceland the other day, because I love Michael’s, and I am ecstatic that one of their locations is now only 2 miles from my school, where I practically live these days. Anyway, I was looking for flowers to fill a gift basket I was making for my aunts, and I came across a bouquet of giraffe printed flowers! The flowers of course, were fake, but hey, anything giraffe beats a real bouquet of roses, and I’ll take it! Image

#3 Going back to normalcy for a minute, I’d like to mention that I’d really love to be asked to Cotillion by a friend, as a friend, in which case we would simply go as friends. I kind of have this secret desire to have some sort of romantic date for at least one of my high school dances, but right now, I just want a friend to go with. It would be fun and memorable, but not threatened by stress or heartbreak or disaster. Everything would go right, because when you are with a friend who loves you, what could possibly go wrong?

#4 Number four is one for those boys who don’t have the energy or decency to get to know me before asking me to spend one of my most anticipated and possibly most memorable experiences of high school with them. This is simply a clever idea, maybe unoriginal, who knows, but I like. And this isn’t my idea either. I like food, and I especially like pizza, so ordering a pizza and having it delivered to my house with a note inside the box saying something clever like, “Will you go to the dance with me, or is this too cheesy?” It sounds like an excellent idea to me. And make sure it’s cheese only, please 🙂 It’ll be even more cheesy that way.


#5 Don’t even. Really, if your some random guy that thinks I’m attractive, but has never had the balls to move past the “Hey, how are you?” stage of talking, don’t even try. Please, being asked to a dance isn’t the most important thing in my life. (Even though I am obsessing over it right now, its really not a big deal.) I just think that it has the potential to be a great thing, and if you are a boy that has taken the time to be my friend, accept who I truly am, and love me unconditionally, then you have the potential to make this dance (or any other) one of my most memorable experiences in high school.