Everything is always going

Do you ever have a day when everything seems to go wrong?

Yesterday I had one of those days. I lost hope for a while, and I was frustrated and upset.

Do you ever have a day when everything seems to go right?

Today is one of those days…  today I feel happy and relieved and excited and hopeful and blessed and thankful and calm and so much more.

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t know what the day might bring. But even if it ends up going badly, it’s going. It’s always going. If today isn’t going right, just wait for tomorrow. Whatever you do, whatever you feel, don’t let yourself stop going.




A continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied

“Give me space,” you told me.

Well, I like to think of it that way. It’s a little less harsh than what you actually said. But I know what you meant.

Two weeks ago, I was your savior. I kept you going. I was your light.

Today, I am nothing. You don’t want to hear from me, or see me, or even read my words. So you won’t see this.

Space is so vague. That’s almost redundant. What kind of space do you need?

Do you need me to disappear from your life completely?

Or can I still try to help you?

You need my help.

Let me help you.

50 Ways To Love Someone

Thought Catalog

1. Accept them for who they are right now.

2. Be nonjudgmental.

3. Do something to help them see their own potential.

4. Be selfless.

5. Make their happiness your own.

6. Write them a letter and tell them how much you care.

7. Be where they go to when their soul needs soothing.

8. Cook them a meal.

9. Show any little act of kindness, really.

10. Listen to them.

11. Forgive them.

12. Cry with them.

13. Visit their family.

14. Go for a long car ride and get to the point where you don’t have to fill up every second with conversation.

15. Never stop reminding them how you feel.

16. Believe in them.

17. Make their dreams your own.

18. Always be honest about how you’re feeling.

19. Be loyal to them.

20. If ever you’re not able to do that, be honest about it.


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Silence Your Self-Doubt

Thought Catalog

You have to cut out the noise of self-doubt. The first person that you have to convince that you are capable of what you deserve, and what you want, is yourself. Too often we fall into the paralysis of thinking one failed attempt at something is evidence of inadequacy. Even worse, sometimes we cease to attempt things because we think we are not good enough. Replace that “I can’t” that you so often hear, with a voice that says “I will.” Work harder, work smarter, learn from your failures, learn from constructive criticism, and keep fighting for what you want.

You have to cut out the noise of regret. I don’t remember where I heard this from, but there is a saying that goes, “Regrets are a waste of time, things in the past crippling you in the present.” We have all said and done things that we are not…

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Why I Have Faith

Thought Catalog

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

We all have faith in something – whether it’s God, science, institutions, ideologies, and/or our own conceptions of the world, we have faith. Faith is often seen as something in the religious domain and it has been so traditionally. I identify with this domain as a person of faith. And being a person of faith, I often find that people believe that faith is concrete and secure and straightforward. But in my experience, it doesn’t work like that.

Faith is hard work, as my mother would say. Most people don’t wake up and suddenly have it although I suppose that is possible through divine intervention. Faith, however, is a practice and a habit like many things one can embody. Faith is also having to place your trust in the knowledge…

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