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Earlier, Matt Sacaro, wrote a piece Why I Wish I Could Be Religious. I loved the piece because it seemed like a sincere perspective by the author and one that I can appreciate. However, with great respect to the author, I have to disagree with what seems like a misguided assumption of what it means to be religious or a person of faith. I can’t speak for all persons of faith, I never have and I never will, because in the first place as institutional as religion can be, it is also a very personal experience.

I was born and raised Catholic and continue to be a practicing Catholic; the likelihood is that I will die one. My parents have gone to daily mass for as long as I can remember, they were always involved in church in one way or the other, and to this day, they are…

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I’m not gonna blog.

I’m not gonna blog.
Because all I can do right now is think about all the things I have going on and all the things I need to get done. And my mind won’t stop yelling at me to calm down and take a chill pill. And all I want to do is make a list of everyone I hate and what I hate about them. Everything I do and why I shouldn’t be doing it. I just want to complain… And eat ice cream. So I’m not gonna blog.