For you, because I’m trying to love you

For you, because I’m trying to love you.

Hey you.
I know things are tough. Especially right now. Maybe they’ve always been tough. But right now it’s too much. You feel somewhat neglected and lonely at home. Don’t deny it. You told me that. You feel disappointed in yourself, maybe even in God, for the things you’ve had to face in life and how you have dealt with them. Don’t deny it. Its natural. You feel desperate for someone to take care of you and hold you accountable. Don’t deny it. You need me.

But you keep all of these feelings hidden behind one word:

You say you’re apathetic. You don’t care. You don’t feel much. That’s why you need drugs or alcohol to artificially force you to be happy, to feel… if only for an hour or two.

Well I can tell you how to be happier. I can show you what happiness truly is. Because I promise to put all my energy into this, to help you overcome all the feelings pent up inside. And when I promise things, I keep the promise no matter what. Even if it seems impossible.

So here I am. Promising you that I’ll be here always, make the choice to bring you dinner, fresh baked desserts, good mornings and good nights, calm phone calls when your angry or upset, God’s word when you’re feeling lost, arms open when you need comfort, love because you need it.

I can’t fix your home life. I can’t keep you company all the time. I can’t be by your side whispering in your ear when your about to make every choice of the day… I can’t change the past. But I can change the future. I believe you can change your future.

I promise to try to love you, better than I have in the past. And if I fail, I get back up and keep trying. A promise is a promise. I will never give up on you.


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