It’s funny where thoughts can take me

College college college college college college COLLEGE. Quit reminding me of college. Every time you do, something else gets all jumbled up and rearranged in my life. Just when I think I have it all figured out, I remember something else that may or may not play a role in where I actually want to go with my life. Like today, for example, when my school counselor came to class to help us prep for the ACT. I found myself in deep thought for most of the time, so I got nothing out of it, really. All I could think of was the wonderful relationships I have built and will continue to build here in Columbus, and how painful it will be to walk out of the center of my community, and start a new (ish) life. I mean ya, I can still keep in touch. But it’s not really that way with this community. These friendships are perfect, and I know they all spend countless hours with each other. I am lucky to spend one or two a week with them, and I am more than thankful for those few hours of my life. Those few hours each week are my life. In fact, when I think about it, they are the parts of my life that mean the most to me. So, yes, this plays a HUGE role on where I will be attending college. Because yes, I have every intention of being around these people all the time, for as long as I can. So… that just blew my plans to go off to college away from home…

That’s just the thing. This community is becoming my home. And at this point, I am definitely not ready to leave home.

But then I remember that I won’t be the only one going off to college in a year, all of those friends will too. It’s only hard because most of the friends in this community are already settled, out of college, or in it. They aren’t leaving, but I am. That’s hard. But it won’t be as hard to move away from the friends that are moving away too, because I know we’ll come back together someday.

After all these thoughts and more, I know that in a year I will be in a different place with these friendships. Maybe we’ll be closer. Maybe it will be even harder to move away. Or maybe I’ll be ready to. I probably shouldn’t worry about it. In the end, the most meaningful friendships will stick with me no matter where I go, right?

It’s funny where thoughts can take me.



2 thoughts on “It’s funny where thoughts can take me”

  1. You should try them as a senior, they take you even farther away. I know at least for me, I have always had an over active imagination, so imagining myself 10 years from now, with a wife, a little kid, and a house really is easy for me. seeing myself not with the people I’m with now, that’s really hard for me.

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