Each song holds a million songs within

I love music. And I can’t even imagine what life must be like without it.

But the music I listen to sounds a certain way to me.

I realized my way is not the only way. This song could sound so different to you. Maybe you hear something I don’t. Maybe you think a certain part of the song is really cool, and you always look forward to that part when you hear it. Maybe your favorite part is different from my favorite part, and that changes the song completely. So… what do you hear?

Maybe you love the lyrics. Maybe they speak to you. Maybe you hate every line. You’ve experienced something along the way, and these words spark your memory. What do you remember? Maybe this causes you to feel. What do you feel?

So many sounds. So many words. So many interpretations. So many memories. So much emotion.

Each song holds a million songs within.


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