A corrupt kind of reverence

When we go to Mass,

Why do we cross our arms? Are we in opposition? What are we opposed to? We should be opposed to sin.

Why do we roll our eyes? Are we searching? What are we searching for? We should be searching for God.

Why do we sigh? Are we impatient? What are we impatient for? We should be impatient to receive the Body of Christ.

Why do we slouch? Are we weak? What is our weakness? We should be offering our weaknesses up to God.

Why do we yawn? Are we tired? What are we tired of? We should be tired of submitting to our sinful nature.

But must we really cross our arms, roll our eyes, sigh, slouch, and yawn?


Why don’t we sing? Aren’t we joyful? Aren’t we in the presence of the Lord?

Why don’t we pray? Aren’t we thankful? Don’t we want to return to God his great gift of love?

Why don’t we respond? Don’t we listen? Don’t we hear the Word of God being spoken to us?

Why don’t we go? Are we avoiding something? Are we afraid? Are we too busy?

How can we change that?


6 thoughts on “A corrupt kind of reverence”

  1. I can only speak for myself, but I don’t go to mass as often as I can because I take the opportunities to spend time with those who aren’t very faithful and don’t truly believe. I try to be a good person for them to see and say “Hey! His faith lets him be so nice! I’d like to try that.”

  2. I try to do as much, but can still find the time to take an hour to spend with the Lord as well. It’s the least we can do. And if we are going to take that hour, we need to actually be reverent. Even if we are forced to go to Mass at school, it doesn’t make any sense to waste that hour rolling our eyes and paying no attention, because its not like we have the choice to go spend that time doing anything else. Like you said, we might as well use that time to put on an example of faith.

  3. I also don’t quite understand what you mean. You don’t go to Mass because you feel you already give back in a different way and don’t think its necessary? Or you don’t go because you are actually spending that specific hour each Sunday with someone who needs guidance? Mass gives us the strength and power of Christ to be that good person for others. And then we can be that for people in every aspect of our lives.

  4. Oh, no I go every Sunday to Mass, I don’t go to daily mass. No, only time I haven’t gone to mass once a week was when I had my back surgery, and even then I spent 2 hours praying to kinda help even it out

    1. Wow. Omg. like I didn’t know what you meant so I got confused, I don’t go to daily Mass either. I’m so sorry for the confusion and my misunderstanding. It probably came off a little rude, but you are awesome, and so in touch with your faith!

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